Do "fat burners" work?

Do "fat burners" work?

¿Funcionan los "quemadores de grasa"?


In the market you can find a wide variety of supplements to lose weight, but how many of them do your body good or do they really work? A good dietary supplement depends on its components and origin, at this point, you can know the benefits and usefulness they bring to your body.

There are quite a few theories, testimonies and prejudices that you have when talking about supplements or fat burners; You can believe two things, one that does not work and another that are magic capsules. Well, none is completely true because to lose weight you need to start a whole process of change in your habits and your life in general.

We want to make a brief list of components of natural origin, clinically studied and reviewed by experts, which function as fat burners, in addition to feeding your body and giving it energy:

1. Forskolin: It is the main component of the herb coleus forskohlii, according to studies, it is the most potent and promising burner that dietary supplements can contain. Forskolin is responsible for promoting lipolysis to the loss of fat in the body, increase thyroid function and improve the effectiveness of other substances to burn fat.

2. Green Tea Extract: This component is a superfood that provides incredible benefits to almost your entire body. It works to make an effect directly on fat loss. It was found that Green Tea significantly increases energy levels, besides being a powerful antioxidant, that is, cleanse your body of toxins.

3. Bitter Orange Extract: It has been proven that Bitter Orange has a powerful fat-burning effect that helps eliminate accumulated fat deposits; The Bitter Orange is specifically responsible for reducing the calories of your body considerably (this component does not affect muscle mass).

4. Chromium Picolinate: This mineral is responsible for improving the metabolism of fats, which help maintain cholesterol levels in the body, also keeps blood glucose levels stable, increases resistance, strength and contributes to the loss of weight.

5. Goji Berry Extract: This food contains anti-aging substances, improves eyesight, regulates sleep and appetite, takes care of the kidneys and liver. Its antioxidant properties help to detoxify your body, it is an excellent natural thermogenic that helps to burn fat and increases energy levels.

When these components are mixed, you get a supplement that potentiates the loss of weight and fat in a natural and friendly way with your body as does Reactionxfit, the dietary supplement that contains these and more benefits for you to have the ideal weight.

If you want to supplement your weight loss process, Reactionxfit has for you a nutritional guide with which you can improve your diet without making extreme changes.