1. How does REACTIONXFIT work?

It is a stimulant that helps accelerate metabolism, burn calories and convert fat into energy.

2. I have to exercise?

It is not a requirement, but if you practice any physical activity, can be it dancing, walking, jogging or a different one, it is a good complement to regulate your goals, as well as a healthy diet.

3. Should I have to do any diet?

A strict diet is not required, five meals a day should be consumed. It is recommended to manage a nutritional guide and a healthy diet.

4. How long do I see results?

If your metabolism is not slow, you will notice the changes after the first 10 days of using.

5. Is it a reliable product?

REACTIONXFIT has been in the market for eight (8) years with a recognition of honesty, commitment and responsibility with the clients.

6. Does it have side effects?

It does not have any side effects.

7. Does it have a rebound effect?

REACTIONXFIT has no rebound effect thanks to its naturally occurring components. It is recommended to continue the process with a healthy lifestyle.

8. How long should I use it?

It is recommended to continue the treatment for a period of three months.